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Monday, December 29, 2008

My Christmas Weekend

Christmas was pretty good actually! I've been sick since Christmas Eve, but otherwise it was an enjoyable weekend. We had a candlelight Christmas Eve service at church. After which we had the traditional Christmas Eve dinner of pizza! yay! Dad also got the camera out and took some family pics.
Christmas I was full blown sick, Dad too, but we just sat around and watched movies and ate ham and gingerbread house..... too much sugar basically! It was nice not to think about the sugar intake for a day. (I'm paying now, though!)
I worked all day on Friday (10 hours.... ) and Saturday was one last hurrah for me and Becci. We hit the mall and did girlie things, with me STILL sick as a dog. (not gonna let a nasty cold get me down!)
So here's hoping yours was Merry and Bright!

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shauna said...

Hey girlie,
Sorry to hear you were sick :( Glad you had a good time anyways though.
Love ya.