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Monday, December 15, 2008


Ahhh.... :) Isn't it wonderful??? I am done with my Christmas responsibilities and free to enjoy the season. :)
So now, I officially have no excuse for not wrapping my Christmas presents... :) Oh yeah, and I have to start baking those cookies..... And decorate the Christmas tree...... At least the shopping is finished! :) I know! Work is a good excuse, right??? Come on..... please...? :)
This holiday season at work has been busier than I've ever seen it, but we all get along really well so it actually makes it kinda fun. (if you call working fun...) We have our work Christmas party on Friday, and instead of everyone cooking this year we decided to get one of our customers who owns a restaurant to cater for us. We are also going with the quite eclectic blend of Nachos, Quesadillas, Grilled Chicken sandwiches on Focaccia bread, and one hamburger. (for the pregnant girl, who will change her mind at least 3 more times before Friday.) :)

So, thanks to everyone for their prayers! Cantata went well. I didn't mess up too terribly bad! :) The kids were adorable, even when Grady fell off the stage, and Charlie, who can't read, read the cue card that said "smile!" on it! It was right at the end of their song and he says loud enough for everyone to hear "hey, that says smile!" :) It got a big laugh!
Ok... must stop rambling.... must do something constructive, like baking! :)


shauna said...

Hey girlie,
I am amazed, but I got most of my shopping done a month or two ago. (good thing now) Hope you have fun at your christmas party! oh yeah, and Jill and I learned that you should always pick pretty, easy stuff to bake people for christmas treats.

Jessica said...

I'm guessing there is a long list of failed Christmas cookies with that advise??? :)We made Peanut Butter Blossoms with candy cane hershey kisses.... yum!

Pat Fidler Photography said...

Sounds like Christmas is in the air. Maybe one day soon I'll get time to do something for myself, like never! LOL Hope your baking and fun is awesome! Hey where's my pie? LOL Kidding really!

Merry Christmas Senn Family!!