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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Stars on Ice

Michael Weiss
Dubreuil and Lauzon

Sasha Cohen

The infamous Jeffery Buttle!

See how close we were??

So yesterday Stars on Ice came to town and I took Andrea for her birthday. I know! I'm such a cool friend! (ok, so I wanted to go really bad and her birthday was the perfect excuse to go. satisfied?) :) So we had an enormous amount of fun, and had awesome seats! The seats were all God though, let me tell ya! I called to get tickets and not only did I get them half price (AAA discount) the very nice man on the phone (who I suspect was flirting with me, but look what it got me!) gave us 2nd row seats. That's right 2nd row seats! The view was amazing, and I so totally *almost* touched Jeffery Buttle! (can you tell I've been saying that alot in the last 12 hours??)


shauna said...

Girl, I always wanted to go see the stars on ice. The only time I ever had the opportunity was when I was asked by an "old" friend of yours who thought he could trick me into a date!!! Needless to say once I figured out the ploy I said "NO!"
Glad you guys had fun. " Love ya.

Jessica said...

Oh that's rich! Never offered to take me.... hmmmmm I feel offended! :) JK

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had birthday is in September:)

Titus245 said...

OOO!! Good idea Jen! I think she should do something for you for your birthday... been WAYYYY too long! :) (not like I'm trying to get rid of jess or anything... she needs to get out more!)

Jessica said...

Hmmmmm September huh??? Have to figure something out.... Will get back to you on that!