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Friday, March 27, 2009

Appreciating Spring

Growing up in FL, England, FL, AZ, and then FL again has deprived me in a way.
Now I want to state right now that I am NOT complaining, and I wouldn't trade my experiences for the world! I have just realized lately that, until the last four years, I have never experienced true seasons!
FL is either hot or not hot. We call hot Summer. And then we have Hurricane season. Not hot we call Winter, and then you have starting to get hot, which we call Spring.
England was, in my memory, perpetually a Marchy Spring. Rain with a few absolutely gorgeous, light sweater just in case, days.
Arizona was either Hot, Scorching Hot, or leave the AC and you DIE! Okay, so maybe that was a little melodramatic Mom! :)
Now this isn't to say that you didn't experience the bitter cold, see snow once in a great while, or see the leaves change, it's just that those were rare moments. We actually saw snow in AZ and FL! And in FL it actually stayed on the ground for all of 2 hours!
So now, knowing my mindset, you can envision my great wonderment and amazement when I moved to NJ and experienced the changing seasons for the first time in my life! I have decided that I liked my previous, eternal Summer life. People all said "Give it a chance, snow will grow on you!" Well, I have given it 4 years. I was even open-minded and went to Winter camp. (you know, the one that actually has snow up to you waist that you have to wade thru to get to Chapel) I have Shoveled (people who enjoy that are crazy, MOM), I have Sledded, I have Ice Skated.
I have not changed my veiwpoint. Give me Summer any day!!!!
Now, I will say that I like fall. The beginning that is, before it gets too cold and you can sleep with the windows open. But when it dips below 70 I don't like it anymore, and when it gets below 60 I'm miserable!

All that being said, I am learning to appreciate the Spring! You know why??? It means Summer is coming!!!! And Winter is almost over!!!! Yay!
So now you have gotten inside my crazy head just a bit..... he he he! :) I am planning on enjoying the low 60's tomorrow! Even if it does rain. :) (I have a down-filled, fur-lined parka to help me enjoy it!!) :)


Anonymous said...

That was you NOT complaining?!?!Just kidding!!!Are you forgetting about hair sticking to the back of your neck,make-up falling off your face,burn yourself on the seat buckle,and having a heat stroke if you go for a jog in april!Not to mention not being able to wear cute boots in the winter:)I can deal with winter for 3 months and then get to enjoy 6 months of 60s-70s and 3 months of 80s-90s.If you still like super hot weather even after living in the north for 4 years, then you are crazy!!(hehe)The ONLY thing I miss about Fl is all the awsome people that live down there.and the beach.

Anonymous said...

You and my mom should go in together on a house in florida for the winter,she spends from december to march sitting over the heat vent in the livingroom:)

Jessica said...

Wow. I never knew you felt that way about the heat.... ok maybe I did! I seem to remember endless complaining, and threats of stripping all your clothes off if we had to stay outside any longer.... :) Anyways I just cut all my hair off in the summer and don't wear makeup, and don't exercise in the summer. (except for swimming) Anyways.... I have a dual pane sunroof so it so totally makes up for burning myself on the seat buckle!

shauna said...

You are a true Florida girl. Jeremy says we can only handle about 1 degree in temperature change. 75 is just right, 76 is too hot and 74 is too cold! I am NOT a cold weather girl. I'll take the heat any day. I do really appreciate the days when it feels like spring here, even though you know we only have 2 or 3 of those. Having spring and fall would be nice, but I think I'm pretty content where I am. My hubby on the other hand has to work out in the heat, so he complains all summer about the heat, and I do feel for him. (sorta...)

Pat Fidler said...

haha This is great! I totally agree with you Jessi! I am a Florida girl all the way!! No winter!!!!! In fact I'm thinking that going even farther south is necessary! LOL It's warmer down there in the winter. I can get cooler. I can't stay warm enough sometimes. In fact right now I am struggling with staying warm at night and we are in Florida! Imagine that!!! Anyway, love and miss you!! Hope to see you soon!

Titus245 said...

Two words Pat - ELECTRIC BLANKET!! :) I sleep with it year round. But... I slept with it in FL and AZ too! HA! I guess it is on high all the time here! :)