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Monday, March 9, 2009

Kids Say the Cutest Things!!!!

Sunday School
Me: (10 minutes into a 15 minute lesson)
Sage: (raises hand) Miss Jessica, I know what's happening in the picture!
Me: (in a delirious, sleep-deprived state) What's going to happen in the picture Sage?
Sage: They are all lined up for Jesus' autograph! And then they get to drink chocolate milk out of the fancy cup!
Me: .....ummmm no, honey that's not what's happening.... um, let's just finish the story, okay??
Sage: Okay!
Just a sampling of what goes on, on a weekly basis, in my Sunday School class of 4-6 year olds!
Last week's gem??
We've had a rash of Elisha stories in Sunday School. But, in all the stories we have never had a picture of Elisha, just the other people in the story. So the last story of the quarter we finally get a picture of Elisha! Now in this picture, Elisha is in the background going up the steps to a house, and in the foreground is a donkey. The donkey is the first thing you see in the picture because it's right up front. So now you know what the story card looks like. In class: Jessica, Sage' Lizzy, and Zechy. All the girls go to school together. (and yes, it does get confusing sometimes having a student with the same name as me!)
Me: What do ya'll think is going to happen in our story today?
Lizzy: Are we going to learn about Elisha again??
Me: Yes Lizzy!
Sage: Oooohhhh! I get it now! Elisha was a donkey!
Me: Wha... NO! Sage, Elisha was not a donkey, he was a prophet, one of God's special helpers.
Sage: But he wasn't a donkey?
Me: No Sage, the donkey in the picture is Elisha's donkey that he rode on.
Jessica: It would have been cooler if he was a donkey!
Sage and Lizzy: Yeah!!!
What are you supposed to say after something like this??? It's always a struggle to maintain order and not burst into hysterical laughter! It does keep Sunday School from getting boring and stale!
So enjoy a giggle on behalf of my class full of clowns!
Miss Jessica (the coolest teacher ever according to my students! I think they just like the marshmallows I give them for learning harder verses than their older siblings..) :)


Pat Fidler said...

Love it! This is the age I have too! And they are a hoot! It's like I was right there with you! LOL Oh and the sleep deprived state totally explains me! :)

Jessica said...

He he! I was out until about 1:30am with a friend and then it was daylight savings time so it made it 2:30am when I got in.....