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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Things that make you smile!

I was smiling all day long today! Can you tell I had a good day?? And yes, I did work today. I got to do one of my favorite things at work today..... dig thru old paperwork! Now Jess, you may say, where's the fun in that? It is sooooo much fun for a history buff! Especially when you work in a bank that has been in the same building for over 100 years. I was cleaning out the vault, and ran across the original stock certificates and the original blueprints for the bank across the street. can you say 1924??? (and all the dust to prove it!) It was sooo cool! And finding names of customers who are now in their 90's on these documents makes it even more personal!
So that was my cool thing today! Here's some things that made me smile this week......
Comments from an author you read regularly on your blog (thanks Cara!)
Text from a friend about a goof she made in school as a first year teacher
The simple faith of my kindergarten and first graders in Sunday School
The things that come out of said students mouths... :)
Zechy saying 2 memory verses to someone other than me or his mom
Fresh apple pie and coffee after a long day of work (thanks mom!)
Seeing the sun after a long Nor'easter
Your favorite song on the radio
Finding out your quarterly bonus at work is going to be doubled! Yay!
Perfect hair days....all week!
Heated seats in 30 degree weather

So what about you?? What made you smile this week?
PS Go Vote on Tuesday!

1 comment:

shauna said...

Hey girlie,
Glad to hear your day was great! Standing around talking to my girlfriends last night made me smile. Having history with people like you and Alina and all the old stories and making new stories with new friends makes me smile. Hope you are doing good in New Jersey. This week we've been down around 32 degrees every morning!!! Sunday's supposed to be back to sunny Florida.
Love ya.