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Monday, October 13, 2008

Day with Dad

So today I had the day off for the not so widely celebrated even though it's a federal holiday Columbus Day. But maybe that's just New Jersey! I mean there was talk that even one of the local banks was open, and most of the city department! So anyway it was great for me because I have been sooo totally exhausted lately. Maybe because of the cold I've had for a week...... or all the stress at work..... maybe both?? :) So back to the subject! I got spoiled today! First off, and I know it sounds trivial, but I've not really "needed" but could really use a new TV in my room. The one I have is an old hotel floor model, and you can only watch splashy colorful musicals on it because the contrast is soooo bad on it! So I have been half-heartedly been shopping for one, and let me tell you, they are expensive! People are willing to pay way too much for TVs these days! So it's just kinda turned into a back burner thing until I pay off my contacts. So last night in church the youth pastor and his wife tell my dad that they have to get rid of some stuff. (they just moved and got a new TV and the old house needs to be cleared out by the end of the week) They were selling their TV for $25! Talk about God answering prayers you haven't even prayed! So we had to go pick that up today! Whoo hoo! I got to sleep in... Yay!!! Mom spoiled me by making pumpkin waffles for breakfast. Yum!!!! Then my dad took me golfing. No, I did not golf. I excel in driving the golf cart.... :) It was nice to have daddy-daughter time. Our time is usually Sunday afternoons watching the game, but he's been napping during the game..... :) So it was overall a great day topped off by a trip to A&W! I will refrain from telling all the golf course exploits- like near death experiences and birdies- and just mention that he did shoot a 92. His best ever!
So I'll end this long rambling post with 2 prayer requests. My mom's skin cancer saga continues, they had to take another spot off. On her stomach this time (thank God not the face again!) but, it's causing some pain and we haven't got the test results back. So just pray that the pain goes away and that the tests come back good. And for my friend Shauna that God will give her peace and calm her nerves this week. Thanks!


shauna said...

You know, except for the miltary guys around Eglin no one had Columbus day off here either. Glad you had a good day with your dad. Thanks for the prayers.
Luv ya.

Jessica said...

I found out today that Wells Fargo was open as well. Soon the whole world will observe holidays like PCC! :)

Pat Fidler Photography said...

Hey Jessica!! That sounds so funny to me since I'm used to calling you Jessi! LOL Miss you and wish we loved closer. I love your little car! Adorable!!

Stay safe of those golf carts!! heehee