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Saturday, October 23, 2010

She's alive!

Yes! I do still exist! Don't feel neglected or slighted though! My friends here think I have fallen off the face of the earth too! I have an incredibly busy schedule this semester! I spend most of my time behind a computer typing and working on projects.
Well, lets see... Work has been going extremely well this semester, I am assistant crew chief and I love all the girls I work with. If it weren't for the whole "they don't pay me enough money to pay for school" issue I would be excited to work there next semester! So on that note I'm going to throw out a prayer request! Pray that I find a good job off campus! I know God has the perfect one out there waiting for me that includes good hours and fantastic pay.
School has been very good. I think I have been challenged more this semester all around than ever before. Time management has been key. 3 of the 6 classes I am taking my advisor told me should be taken in separate semesters because of the amount of lab and home work, but because of how things have ended up in my schedule, if I want to graduate on time I have to take them all together. When she first told me I was thinking "Well, these 18 year olds might not be able to handle it, but I can! I have experience in time management!" Ha! God is teaching me just how far I can stretch myself this semester! it has been crazy! Prime example: Last week for keyboarding class I spent 7 hours outside of class just typing. Not even counting the studying time! Phew! But God is a God of grace and mercy and I am making decent grades. I may even have a sliver of hope to hold onto the 4.0! Yay! I was worried, but Midterms (which I am knee deep in right now) are going VERY well!
Best thing of the semester so far? We have had some awesome messages in church and even better ones in chapel! God has blessed us with some amazing speakers with exactly the messages I at least needed to hear!
Well what has happened since I got on here last...
My parents came! Yay! It was great having them here and getting to introduce them to my friends! (even if they didn't meet half of them and didn't get to meet hardly any of my summer gang.)
I went to Foley and Lamberts for the first time ever! (I know! It's about time right??)
I went to my sister and brother-in-laws house finally! (and I just invited myself over for lunch tomorrow...)
Not much else happened. Like I said, I spend all my time typing! :) Miss ya'll and will post pictures once I get batteries for the thing. It died and I can't load them until I get the new ones. :)  

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shauna said...

Thanks for the update :) I was just thinking about you yesterday and wondering how you were doing. Hope to get to see you soon! Love ya