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Saturday, September 4, 2010

New Beginings

Hello! I know, I know! I have been AWOL for about a month now. Well, if you had the month that I have had then you would be laying low too! :) But thru the good and the bad it has been a fantastic journey. So let me give you a quick rundown.
Since I last blogged I got to see my friend Jillian twice!!! She came to The Bubble to see her sister at camp and since I live in the bubble.... I also got to go to her house and hang out with her for a morning. Much fun! :) She has had some ups and downs with the new chemo, but every time I see her she encourages me so much! Love ya Jill! (One of the pictures I posted is her and I at the concert at camp where her sister performed)
Next I found out one of my best friends is pregnant!!!!!! :) Yay!!! I actually got to see ultrasound pictures today. *sigh* I am so happy for Amber and Dallas! Now I just have to figure out how I am going to finagle a way out of the bubble for when my nephew/niece is born.....
And now for the BIG happenings..... My sister eloped! Yep, you read that right. As in the she got married kind of eloped. BIG shock. But hey! They moved to the city of The Bubble, so eventually (when they finally get into the house that they bought, yes, they also bought a house!) I will have a place to go cook, watch movies, redesign my blog site and do other assorted things that they frown upon in the bubble.
After that all the people started coming back to the bubble. A trickle at first, Masters students, then the singing groups, reps, drama teams, and then the sports teams. All that led to this week where the trickle has turned into a steady stream of people. Floorleaders, then those who are class/collegian officers, student workers, and finally in the next few days the rest of them. It has been weird seeing the bubble populated again. Even with the camps we didn't have this many people, and it take readjusting to actually interact with people! :) On the bright side, many friends are coming back. Another one shows up every day and it is so nice to catch up!
The last few weeks have been crazy around here. Work has been full of getting ready for semester to start, and adjusting to a new schedule. I will miss my work buddies and supervisors so much! Today was the last day of 8 hour workdays. Monday starts a new job with about 9 hours a week. It was so sad saying goodbye to all the people whose offices that I clean today. So many of them have been such a huge blessing and encouragement to me! I will miss seeing them everyday. I did find out though, that one of the girls who was on my crew is moving to the new job with me. :)
We also have finished up our summer sports! Unfortunately, I did not play as much as I should have, but I did play when it counted! The last competition is "Wacky Olympics." If it sounds odd, try participating! I competed in every event that allowed girls (and one that was just boys). Tire rolls, tire flips, tug of war, sponge relay, 60 ft slip n slide, mini marathon. I know! You're thinking "cute games, not too challenging, can't be that crazy" Well The Bubble adds some interesting ingredients to all of the above. The "Wacky Olympics" did not start until 10:30 pm on a Friday after a full day of work. So we were all already zombies. Then add water to every event, dodging water balloons, and getting hosed by a fire hose during tug o war and you get to understanding why they call it "wacky"! :) (There is a picture of the aftermath with me and Lisa and Miriam, 2 of the girls I work with who were also on my team. Go Roadrunners!) The next week we had an awards banquet for the sports. This year they did something special! They planned a theme night and allowed us to dress up instead of wearing formal Sunday dress. The theme of the summer was Classic Muscle Cars, our teams were all named after them. So we all got to dress up in 50's and 60's styles. I honestly didn't expect EVERYONE to dress up! But I think I only saw 1 or 2 who didn't out of 500 give or take. It was a blast to see what people came up with without spending any money! (after all we stayed in The Bubble all summer because we have no money....) They even gave us themed food which was amazing! (There is a picture of me and my roomie at the banquet. Kassandra was a Hippie and I was Audrey Hepburn from Roman Holiday. :) )
Well, now we come to this week. This week has been moving week. It is a happy and sad time all at once. Happy because work is finishing and you get to move to your new room. Sad because you have to say goodbye to summer roommates and friends who you have spent every waking minute that you are not working with. School schedules tend to dictate who you get to see during the week. I only get to see some of my friends on church nights. I helped my roommate move to her new room in another building on Wednesday, and Thursday she helped me move to my room down the hall from where we had stayed all summer. Kassandra was such a HUGE blessing to me this summer! Wow, I miss not having her in my room already. On a happy note, I found out that I did get my roommate request for the semester though, so I will know 1 person in my room! :)
So now here I sit in my new room all alone. None of my new roomies have arrived yet, and so I am trying to get unpacked before they get here. It is going ok at this point. I still have to tackle laundry and the closet though. :P Well I need to wrap this up. I am soooo tired! :) Register tomorrow! yay!


shauna said...

You made me sad that your summer is over :( Sounds like you made some great memories though. I am excited to see what the Lord has for you this semester!!! Praying for ya and love ya girl <3

Titus245 said...

i am SO glad you had a wonderful, wacky, FULL summer! what an adventure you are on!