Romans 8:25 But if we hope for that we see not, then do we with patience wait for it.

Monday, February 2, 2009

God Answers Prayers! (but we knew that already didn't we?)

Even the small "insignificant" ones that you were almost not going to pray, because "God has better things to do than care about that..." I just love when He does that! :)
So why am I so happy??? I am officially, no way out, no refund, booked, for my vacation with Becci and Andrea in June! I have been looking for plane tickets for about a month, not just any tickets though! We have a very tight schedule between 2 working girls!
We have certain times we have to leave, and it wasn't looking good. I had found the *perfect* ones about 3 weeks ago for about $150, but I have commitment issues when it comes to booking non-refundable plane tickets. I just can't seem to make my finger hit that button... what if there's something better out there? What if the prices drop tomorrow?? I know, I worry too much.... :) But anyhoo, today I was doing my daily check, and for some reason I changed my approach. I searched one-ways instead of round trips, and changed the day we came back, and whaddaya know? I found tickets for $150 when all is said and done, and then, just to make sure I got over the commitment issues, God ('cause it's only Him who could do this) popped in a $12 per ticket discount upon purchase! Leaving me with a price of about $135! I am sooooo excited!
So, I just had to share my crazy answer to prayer, so when you see my grin from however far away you are (or the glow on the horizon from it) you know what it's about!
I promise I'm trying to reform and not count down the days as referenced in a previous post, but it's 122 days 'til departure! :) Ok, ok, I can't help it if the website where I manage the reservations has a countdown! Be thankful that I didn't list the hours, minutes, and seconds! :)

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