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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Car Discrimination

Have ya ever noticed how people react to you on the road? I mean, obviously people are going to drive differently around certain vehicles. You know, you stay way back from sand, dump, and gravel trucks. (no rock in my windshield, thank you very much!) You are extra cautious around cop cars. You get impatient around School buses. (do they have to stop at every house? The school is half a block away for Pete's sake!) But, you don't really expect to notice the difference just changing cars!
Yesterday I had a rude awakening! As most of you know, I have a MINI Cooper. It's a sports car. It has a very powerful engine, and very tight steering. It's a dream to drive, a whole lot of fun! Well, it has been nearly two years of driving in this car and when you drive a brand new sports car you get a certain amount of respect from other drivers on the road around you! People don't try to drag race you at stoplights or play stupid passing games on the highway because they know you can leave them in your dust if you so choose!
Well, yesterday I had to drive Mom and Dad's car to pick them up from the airport. They drive a Mercury Grand Marquis, it's definitely not a sports car, but still nice. So I didn't expect a problem driving it, I mean, I drove one for 2 years!
So anyway, I'm on the highway, and there was this brand new sporty, hybrid, SUV driving completely normal albeit slow, (come on the speed limit was 65!) and I passed it. Now, mind you I'm on cruise control at about 69 so it's not like I blew by or anything. Completely normal, right? Well about 2 minutes later this vehicle starts to pull alongside me, and just hangs out not quite in front of me. It blocked me in behind slower vehicles twice before I decided to get away from it and prevent an accident. I tried speeding up to pass, and it's matching my speed, I try slowing down, and it slows down. You can just tell it's thinking "I'm not letting this granny car show me up, I am a Hybrid, I rule the road!" By this time I'm ticked! I was about to take an exit just to get away, when we start to get passed by this whole group of cars. Hybrid lets the group of sports cars by without flinching. (ever notice how they travel in packs??) Behind the sports cars, a beat up junker comes flying by. Of course, Hybrid ain't gonna let this fly! It rules the road, it's a hybrid! So it takes off after the poor junker who dared pass it, and I'm left in peace wishing I was in my MINI and among the privileged few allowed to roam the highways without being harassed by the Hybrid.


momof5girls said...

You are toooo funny girl!!! I think you have Bank of America syndrome...You know they really are all out to get you...HaHa.
Love ya and can't wait til May!!!

Jessica said...

hmmmm... maybe that's it!!!! lol! :)