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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Impulse Buys...

We all do it right??? That feeling comes over us, and we just can't help ourselves! We have to have it, and have it now! Well, Monday night I had that sort of night. I saw this belt on clearance (for $4!) and I just couldn't decide which color I wanted it in. I knew whatever color I got, I would want the other color when I got home. So I did the only logical thing I could think of - I bought both! "Now Jess", you may say, "That's not impulsive!" But for me it really is! I tend to talk myself out of any purchase at all, or take a whole year to decide I can afford it. (as was the case in buying my car, and my wool coat) So here I was, so proud of myself for being so impulsive, and thinking that Becci would be so proud! (She thinks nothing of dropping everything and heading of to Disney on 10 days notice, me? Ack! I don't have a month to pack??)
So, back to being proud of myself.... Mom and I leave Target, did I mention she was with me? So we leave Target and head next door to Petsmart to get my cat some food. Everything is going good, we find what we came for, and we are ready to leave when Mom says " Sweet Pea was so good at the vet today! Let's get her a toy!" So we go to the cat toy aisle, and what do you suppose is on the endcap?? That's right!
A look I have never seen crossed my mom's face. She made a sharp left hand turn, and started filling her cart with birdseed and various bird toys. "Mom", I say, "shouldn't we ask Dad?" Once again, that look! She asks the sales clerk "Which cage is a good size?" The clerk points to a little one. Mom says "How about with 2 birds??" Clerk points to the same cage. My mom says "Wouldn't they be so much happier in this one??" as she points to the birdy condo next to it. So in goes the birdy condo, and off to pick out the birdies - yeah, you read right, we are now at 2 birdies. (because "You can't just have one... it will get lonely."
I don't know what was funnier, the sales clerk who was on his first week of the job trying to catch these birds while all the other employees are watching like some kind of initiation, saying "Not that one, they wanted that one over there!" Or, the look on my dad's face when my mom walked in the front door with a birdcage in one hand, and 2 birds in the other!
So, the above picture is of the newest members of the Senn family. My mom has now outdone anything I have ever called impulsive! I will have to elope with a total stranger to upstage her! Just Kidding! She is trying to justify the purchase as a toy for the cat.... exactly what she went into the store for! We're not buying it. :)
BTW at work we were audited on Tuesday, and we got a 7! Yay! 10 is perfect, but a 7 is perfectly acceptable. Pressure is off for the rest of the year- we met our sales goals already and passed our audit! Now I just have to stay difference free for the rest of the year. :)


Jessica said...

Did you know that there is a 14 day warantee on parakeets?? If they die, get sick, or you just don't like them, you can trade them in! Just don't forget your receipt or you're stuck with store credit! :)

shauna said...

Awwww, I love parakeets. We used to always have two of them around when we were little. They're just so cheery and pretty. I hope they're not toys for the cat!!!

Jessica said...

Oh, I have pics of the cat with both paws inside the cage.... She is fascinated! Thankfully she is declawed and scared to death of the birds when they actually make any noise! We have had to take the squirt bottle out to keep her in line though.. :)

Pat Fidler Photography said...

Now that is impulse! LOL And I thought I was bad. I have a bad habit of impulse. hahaha. But I am getting treatment. hahaha

Gina, Lovely Birds! Hope Jessica loves cleaning bird cages. heehee

Love and miss you all