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Friday, July 24, 2009

College Bound!

Sorry it's been so long ya'll! Been kinda crazy around here, and I had nothing concrete until Saturday.
So, I submitted my application a few weeks ago. I had no clue how crazy in depth that thing was!!! They wanted to know everything about me and my family! Stuff I didn't even know.... LOL! :) So after filling out the crazy application and getting references, I had to get a TB test. ARRRGGGHHH! Do you know how difficult it was to find somewhere for an uninsured person to get a TB test in New Jersey??? Finally, I got one and 2 days later I got the results. Happily I do NOT have TB! :) This application process turned into a 2 week thing! When everything got submitted I was sitting around waiting to hear if I got accepted, and Lo and Behold! I got a bill for a rather substantial amount. I guess I'm accepted! LOL When I talked to other students they told me that this was typical of PCC! :)
So in 3 weeks I will pack all my belongings in my car, and head off on a new adventure. My family is thrilled! Becci because I am going to be close to her, and actually on the floor above her. Mom and Dad because they get to experience life without kids for the first time! :)

In the next few days I'll try to get on and let ya'll know how the trip to pick Becci up from school was. We got to see the Aarseths, and visit Lindsay and Emma. It was a fantastic visit! Praise God, yesterday Lindsay got to get up and walk to Emma's room and see her for the first time since the explosion!!!!! Such an answer to prayer!
More to come!


shauna said...

I for one am soooo excited you're moving down here(!!!). I'm sure your parents will miss you, but I'm sure they're really excited for you too. Only a couple more weeks to go! Oh yeah, you never said what you'll be studying either...

Jessica said...

Medical Office Systems!