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Sunday, June 21, 2009

This is for Shauna! Hope you enjoy! Becci taped the whole thing in 2 minute segments, but this took so long to upload that I think I'll leave it at this!

For the rest of you... On vacation, I became the next in a long line of relatives who have been an extra in the Indiana Jones Stunt Show at Disney's Hollywood Studios! (MGM)


shauna said...

O.k., so it's been my mom, your mom, my dad, your dad, and your grandma and now you...brings back good memories :)

Jessica said...

hehehe! Becci wanted to do it sooo bad, but she didn't want to stand up and act like a fool alone so she made me jump and yell and scream with her. So the woman says "how about you....", and points our way, and Becci is like "me?" and she says " the pink striped dress" and then I looked down at what I was wearing and just groaned! :) LOL So we have to try to get her on next time!