Romans 8:25 But if we hope for that we see not, then do we with patience wait for it.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Prayer Request!

So this morning I had a phone interview to determine my eligibility for unemployment. Thank God it went pretty well. Usually it's set up where it's a 3 way call between you, your employer and the claims examiner, but because my job does not participate in those it was just me and the claims examiner. (whew!) Now I'm just playing the waiting game (which all ya'll know that I HATE and struggle on a daily basis with...) until they determine if I'm eligible. I'll find out by Friday. I'll either get a check in the mail or a form telling me why I'm denied. So, just pray for patience on my end!!! And wisdom on their end. Oh yeah.... and pray that my employer doesn't give some crazy story that makes me have to have another interview on Monday.... *sigh* Just in case... pray for me after 3 on Monday! :)
Thanks sooooo much for being an encouragement to me ya'll!!!

P.S. On a much happier note..... 7 days 'til vacation!!!

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momof5girls said...

Jess, you just crack me up!!! I don't think I'd call it "fear", but definitely grossed out. I totally understand though. I don't know any woman that relishes the thought of plowing her hands into any raw meat. It's all merely a labor of love(of food). Like Shauna says buy a box of rubber gloves.
As for the interview, we are all praying for you. Remember Romans 8:28. You know you probably should have gotten out of that place on your own long before they pulled the stunt. What others mean for your hurt, you know God will turn around for your good. I'm looking forward to rejoicing with you when that good happens! Love you!