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Friday, April 10, 2009

The Husband List

Can I tell ya'll something about me???
I like lists.
I make lists for everything. What I have to do for the day. Books I want to read. Books I have read. Movies I want to watch. Clothes to wear. Things to pack for my next trip. What vacations I want to take in the next 2 years. Presents to buy for the year.
So of course I have lists for the important stuff! You know, baby names I like. Baby names I don't like. Things to do before I die. Ballparks I want to see. (okay, so maybe that belongs on the other list... or not) and the all important, "Husband List".
Yes, I have one of those too! And yes, it's real. What is the Husband List, you ask? Well, basically it's a list of qualities I'm looking for in a man! Some are crazy, some are really important, some are just wrong that I shouldn't even have to put on there! But I figure one day when I am "crazy" in love it won't hurt to have "the list" to refer to! Just to make sure..... :) What's on the list??? Well, the full list will probably never be disclosed. But, I can give you a sampling! Just the obvious ones. So, are you ready??? :) (as she begins to sing)
"The man that I marry will have to be....."
(and if you didn't get that you are just sad..... It's from Annie Get Your Gun)

First and foremost a Christian
Second and just as important must be a MAN and always have been of the male persuasion (so wrong that I have to add that)
willing to be the head of the family
a sports fanatic (hey, I need some company!)
a lover of all things Disney
able to read more than a comic book
willing to live by faith
must love kids as much as I do
willing to watch chick flicks
open to trying new things
willing to travel
a take charge kinda guy
sincere in his faith and in life
okay with my shoe addiction

Getting the point??? Now the scary part..... the list is 2 pages long. Yeah....... it gets detailed, and absurd, and some made my mommy cry. Some of them are on there sadly from experience, and others as a result of being a PK and seeing way too much. Some are negotiable, some are deal breakers. I know, I know, you may be saying "Jess, you're being way too nit-picky" but, I prefer detailed?? :) Anyways, I think that the more God has to go by..... He knows the important ones anyways! The Bible does say "Let you request be made known unto God" right??? My request is just rather detailed! :)
So the list is in a secure place away from prying eyes, and evolving.... he he he!

So anyways, this was a look into my crazy head! Hope you enjoyed!

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Jillian said...

That's great! I have a list in my head, but you have inspired me to get it on paper. Sounds like we have a lot in common... I am OCD to when it comes to list making and planning, you can ask Shauna, lol!! Thanks for being honest and sharing your heart!